Monthly Archives: September 2011


Experimental Off-Carriage X-Axis

I recently had an idea about moving the X axis motor off the X carriage. I suspect there is little benefit of doing this, but I felt I had to at least knock out a quick prototype to see it in action.

The video below actually details it all quite well, but i’ll also add a few pictures and a description below.

So, the idea is to move the X motor off the carriage. One immediate benefit is that the size of the entire X axis is no longer constrained by the size of the motor, perhaps leading to more compact designs?  It would be interesting to try out a vertical X axis design with this setup.

Anyway, the X motion is transferred to the belt via a square extrusion rod which drives a cog which sits directly on it.  This rod slides through the mount and cog during Z motion.  The belt in this design is within the two X smooth rods, but other layouts could be adapted to move the belt to the outside (as with  the original Huxley I believe).  In this design the hot-end would either have to fit through the belts, or hang over the edge of the rods.  Again, here the vertical layout would be interesting.


Huxley Roxrap : First Print

A nice way of ending a productive weekend:  The Huxley-class printer I have been working on produces it’s first print!

Designated “Roxrap”, after the various parts used that were salvaged from an old Xerox laser printer, this is my first printer produced from my Prusa. It’s a mish-mash of the existing Huxley/Mini-Mendel designs (eMaker, TechZone, Mini-Mendel & the RepRap Huxley) plus some parts I designed myself.  It will be the printer where I can experiment with designs without fear of suddenly having no printer available if something goes wrong.

The first print, a 20mm cube, is absolutely terrible of course.  There is much calibration to be done: the frame wobbles, the X carriage shifts, the extruder drive is inconsistent and incorrectly configured, but the fact that it produced something without blowing up is a win for me.